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Prince William County 4-H Youth Program of Virginia Cooperative Extension
Linda King, 4-H Extension Agent
8033 Ashton Avenue, Suite 105, Manassas, VA 20109-8202




NEW!! Track Your Volunteer Hours!

4-H Adult Volunteers and 4-H Youth…Please Take Note!

Community Service Hours to Be Collected and Reported to the

Prince William County Government

We Need Everyone to Be Vigilant in Reporting

Below is a link to a survey to capture volunteer activities and hours completed as a 4-H adult or 4-H volunteer.

Each time you fill out the survey, you can capture 10 activities and associated hours.

If you have more than 10 activities, you will need to visit the URL again to enter additional activities.

We are asking that each adult volunteer and youth volunteer do this at least once a month.

This will be a good record for you, and it will help us report accurately to the PWC government, the service impact 4-H makes to the community.

The amount of hours of service to the county contributed by 4-H to county projects will be a measure reported to the budget office each year.

It certainly will be a measurable that will show what we know to be true 4-Hers and 4-H adults make a positive difference in the Greater Prince William Community.

If you have any questions about what constitutes "service", please address those questions to the PWC 4-H mailbox, 4HPWC@pwcgov.org

Use this link to register your volunteer hours:





Sign up for Pr. Wm. Co. E-notifications on 4-H Events
and weekly 4-H Newsletter

Archived Newsletters

PWC 4-H Website: County hosted

PWC Google Calendar
(go to bottom of this pg, add it to your own google calendar by clicking on the 'plus' google icon.

PWC 4-H Website: State hosted




  1. Character Counts program at schools
  2. Nutrition Program 4-H "Get Fit, That's It"
  3. Safe at Home, Safe Alone program at schools
  4. State Competition procedures and enrollments
  5. All-Star 4-H awards program
  6. Community Service support (see community service list)
  7. Various individual Project support, contacts, publications, training
  8. After-school 4-H Project programs
  9. In-school Project programs (i.e., embryology project)
  10. Annual Fund Raising - the profit supports county programs
  11. Recognition Day
  12. Jr. Camp
  13. Fair Camp
  14. Co. Fair Exhibits
  15. Children's Barn at Co. Fair
  16. District Competitions
  17. Fashion Revue
  18. District Leader's Conference
  19. Co. Leader Kick-off
  20. National 4-H Week
  21. Presentation Day
  22. Project Day
  23. Share-the-Fun Talent Show
  24. State Capitol Day
  25. State Congress
  26. Portfolio Training
  27. Presentation Day Training
  28. Junior Officer Training
  29. District Adult Volunteer Training
  30. Community Leader Training
  31. Project Leader Training
  32. Adult Volunteers
  33. Annual 4-H Enrollments
  34. New Club Establishments
  35. District Council Representation
  36. Program Curriculum development
  37. Seasonal Newsletters distributed to members
  38. County-wide sponsored embryology project supervision and sponsorship

If you can think of more items to add to this list please email Sandy Arnold at 4arnolds@gmail.com. We use this list as a reminder to our members and the community what our wonderful 4-H staff provides to support our clubs and the 4-H Program. 

The “Friends of Virginia Cooperative Extension” list is for all extension supporters (volunteers, retirees, program partners, participants, and anyone else wishing to advocate for VCE). You sign up for this list by sending an e-mail message to friendsofvce@gmail.com with the following information:

Home E-mail Address:
Primary Program Affiliation:
(ANR, 4-H, FCS, or CV)

Everyone is welcome to access the Advocacy Toolbox for resources supporting VCE




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